I’m constantly shocked when I look at the role profiles of entry-level digital content jobs these days. It seems every year that companies are just stuffing in extra skills into existing role profiles, rather than creating the right team that they need.

Time and time again, you’ll see a role profile that expects you to:

  • Update, develop and manage the website – including writing well-performing copy
  • Devise social media strategy and create all day-to-day content on all channels
  • Write, shoot, edit and produce untold numbers of videos with no budget (my personal favourite!).

It seems that companies and organisations recognise that they need a digital ‘presence’. They want to ‘be on social media’ and they want ‘to do some video’. But what they won’t do is invest in a team of people with the suitable skills to do that.

Each of those requirements is a person’s full-time job – and they are skills that should be recognised and paid for accordingly. What they are not is one, entry-level graduate’s responsibilities for a 40-hour week for as little as you can reasonably pay them.

A good digital output requires time, skills and enthusiasm. And surprise, surprise, digital marketing won’t go away no matter how much you might wish you could go back to a time before emails and social media. The amount of content you need is growing exponentially.

I think it’s time companies re-evaluate the ways they think of in-house digital teams and invest in the right number of people, across the right skills to get the results they desire. It might cost you more in terms of wages, but what you’ll gain as a business with a good digital presence will be far, far more.

What do you think? Do you think companies are asking too much of entry-level employees? Or do you think things are getting better? Leave your comments below.

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